Grace – A New Series

We can talk about the how and the why when we release our top 10 favorite photos, but for now, here is a preview of 2 people we have photographed this spring so far for our upcoming series about grace, the celebration of life, and living for today.

Christi Gray Hall has lived in Memphis her whole life and is a wealth of talent and a valuable member of the dance community in Memphis.  When asked about her happy place, she answered “the beach – it’s calming and peaceful – however, the ocean is rhythmic and the waves are awesome for tap dancing. It’s in my blood-what can I say?”  It absolutely is.  There is no end to the rhythm in her feet.  Amongst her long list of accomplishments she can also add that she learned how to walk a tightrope, juggle, and be cut in half by a magician. (We love you Christi!) She was also the Feature Twirler and Golden Girl for Memphis State which paid for her college. Despite that fabulous array of high-energy talents, Christi says the music that inspires her to create the most are often ballads.

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Jared Johnson loves living in Memphis because he thinks Memphis has the best soul of any city in the world.  Jared’s got some amazing soul himself and is a JOY to be around.  His laughter is infectious and music is constantly in his heart.  When asked about his happy place he answered “relaxing and becoming one with music, working out, dancing around the house where no one can see, and getting lost in my imagination.” He loves Dance and Soul music. “Opposites, but they both move me. I guess the high and slow temps drive two different physical expressions.  I love to let the music drive an unexpected outcome.”  But he’s not JUST a flashy dancer and talented choreographer in the community.  “People don’t know I am an engineer by trade or that I studied film and video art in college. I’ve always straddled the line with ‘left’ and ‘right’ brain interests.”  We love the depths of you Jared!

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Keep an eye out on the next 6 people in our Grace series and at the end we will post our 10 favorites of everyone’s photos as the actual series release!  #findmemphis