Final Installment of the GRACE Series

Thank you to everyone who has followed the previous 4 installments of our Grace series.  This is the final installment before we release our top 10 favorite photos of everyone involved with “Grace.” So finally, here is a preview of the 9th and 10th of our amazing friends that we have photographed this summer at Elmwood Cemetery for this lovely series about grace, the celebration of life, and living for today.


Emma Crystal is a life-long dancer who calls Memphis home despite having previously based her work out of New York City for over 15 years, where she performed in many shows, including Dreamgirls (U.S. Tour) and Sophisticated Ladies (European Tours), among others.  Emma finds happiness in playing e-games (Candy Crush, Farm Heroes Super Saga, etc.) “Gives my brain time to do nothing.  Also, a good brownie sundae with black walnut and butter pecan ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top puts me absolutely in Utopia.”  But she takes great pride in her work, particularly some of the musicals she has choreographed.  She says it brings her great joy to see a show come together.  Emma has offered her talents to Hattiloo Theatre, as well as Playhouse on the Square and Theatre Memphis, for years and Memphis is so lucky to have her unconditional light and life.  Little known fact about Emma?  She wore braces on her feet and legs until she was approximately 7 years old.  “Who’d a’ thunk I’d be a dancer?”   And a gorgeous one you are, Emma.

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Michael Detroit is Playhouse on the Square’s Associate Producer, as well as a Resident Company Member, and a winner of several Ostrander Awards over the years for his work as both an actor and director.  Originally hailing from Marquette, Michigan, Mike has called Memphis home since 1989.  But as the following photos show, Mike is not ALL business all the time.  He’s a killer roller skater, and his fearlessness on his daughter Patsy’s 10-year-old Barbie scooter is absolutely unmatched, making him quite possibly one of the silliest and most fun Associate Producers in the country.  However, he’s a very successful businessman as well, founding and heading up one of the largest audition conferences in the entire nation, which brings hundreds of theatre artists to Memphis every February.  Roll on, Mike.  Memphis wouldn’t be the same without you.  Just…..don’t roll right out of your skate next time!  {But nice job saving the Diet Coke}.

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Thank you AGAIN for following the updates on this special series.  We have released 9 photos of each of the 10 people we photographed this spring and summer.  In a few short days we will release our very favorites of each person – which will be the 10 photos we are calling Grace: The Celebration of Life and Living For Today.  Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram @find_memphis and please hashtag all of your own Memphis photos with #findmemphis as we all continue to see and embrace our city’s exceptional potential and the incredible people who live here and make a difference every single day.