Continuing the GRACE Series

We are getting close to releasing our top 10 favorite photos from our new series “Grace,” but for now, here is a preview of the 5th and 6th of our amazing friends that we have photographed this summer at Elmwood Cemetery for our upcoming series about grace, the celebration of life, and living for today.

Kathy Caradine is one of Memphis’ most successful and favorite theatrical choreographers having spent many years choreographing at theatres all over town and taking great pride in her involvement upping the technical level of dance in community theater. “I was very frustrated that by the age of 21 – just as dancers were becoming truly accomplished in their craft – there wasn’t any place to use that talent unless they were in a ballet company or started teaching. Why should we have to leave home to dance? Why can’t it happen here? So, I pushed the envelope on dance, especially at Theatre Memphis. We produced some heavy dance shows and allowed some lovely dancers to extend their dance life.”   Despite a career inside of dark theatres, her happy place is outside, especially on her own back porch.  “I love flowers and in the spring and summer, I enjoy their beauty along with all the activity of squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and insects. If not at home, any garden will do.”   With ancestors dating back to the 1800s in Memphis, this city is inside of Kathy through and through and we are thrilled to experience all the gifts she gives back to Memphis in return.

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Marc Gill grew up in Germantown where he will always feel at home. “From whatever direction, I can immediately feel when I’ve crossed the Germantown county line. My stress levels decrease instantly.”  But he has spent the past several years in Midtown sharing his incredible talents with area theaters, predominantly Playhouse on the Square – both on stage as an actor and off stage as an educator working with children all across the MidSouth through Playhouse’s Theatre Education programming.  Marc is hoping to continue sharing those talents all over the country and the world, as he has TRAVEL in all caps at the top of his bucket list, but he feels very lucky to currently have the one job he has always wanted right here in Memphis. And we are very grateful, too!  Marc is an exceptional performer and it doesn’t take much to get him moving! In terms of music, he says, “I love a good body rocker! 146bps is perfect. House music always gets me on my feet.”  He’s also a rocking roller skater.

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Please keep an eye out on the next 4 people in our Grace series and at the end we will post our favorite choices of everyone’s photos as the actual series release!  #findmemphis