Grace – The Start of a New Series

We can talk about the how and the why when we release our top 10 favorite photos, but for now, here is a preview of the first 2 people we have photographed this spring so far for our upcoming series about grace, the celebration of life, and living for today.

Justin G. Nelson is a native of Memphis and currently a dancer on the national tour of The Wizard of Oz.  When not listening to the Broadway smash Hamilton, Gospel music is his go-to for everything, whether he needs a spiritual pick-me-up or a simple reminder of the power of music and words as one.  Justin says, “I can turn on some Anthony Brown and Group Therapy or even Ricky Dillard and forget all about the world!”  Also, Justin loves socks.  Seriously.  🙂

AllINeedistheGirl BarrelTurnColor Extension Goofin LeapingtotheSky Prep StagLeap SticktheLanding ToeTouch

Jeanna Juleson is NOT a native to Memphis but definitely calls Memphis her home, her love, her family, and her land.  Jeanna is an incredibly elegant performer and mover with exquisite posture and an unwavering faith in the power of prayer and the absolute belief that life has no coincidences.  She also has “to get up off of that thing and dance” when she hears James Brown and Tower of Power. “It’s those horns.”  We hear you Jeanna – we love him too.

AcceptingtheFlowers DancingFree2 FreeAstheWind LookingUp OpenReflection Prayer QuietReflection ThanksColor Voyeur1 Voyeur2