Alley Series – FINAL Sneak Preview #5



Thanks to everyone who helped support our very first photo series! These are the last 2 sneak preview shots of the 10-part series we have done on Memphis Alleyways. We had 10 wonderful actors join us in 10 different alleys throughout downtown/midtown Memphis. We meant to choose ONE of each person to have a grand total of, ya know… 10. But whether it was the colors, the depth, or maybe just the joy that radiates from these people, we ended up with so much more than just a shot. So these have just been sneak previews to share these wonderful photos with you. Our 10 favorites that will make up the actual series will be released next week. Thanks again for following us on Facebook and Instagram.  @find_memphis  #findmemphis


Claire Kolheim was born and raised in Miami, and graduated from Florida A&M University with a BS in Economics. She then studied Musical Theatre at Boston University, but she has called Memphis home since 2009 when she moved here with her husband. Claire is a Resident Company Member with Playhouse on the Square where she has shared her amazing voice and talents with audiences in shows like The Color Purple, The Gospel at Colonus, Ragtime, Hairspray, In the Next Room, and Avenue Q. Claire’s face speaks for itself. This girl is dripping with spirit. And life. And love. She’s absolutely radiant. And I don’t think she’s ever met a stranger. Claire may not be from here originally but she’s got Memphis soul. Oh yes, and how. I asked Claire what her favorite thing about Memphis was and she said this, “I love the people of Memphis. Memphis has some of the most passionate people on the planet. Whether religion, politics, the arts, food, or Grizzlies, I’ve learned that when Memphians love something, they LOVE that thing from the core of their hearts. I just love that!!!”  Yep. Memphis loves you, too, Claire.

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Curtis C Jackson, (known fondly by his friends as just Curtis C) is originally from Baton Rouge and studied at Centenary College in Shreveport, LA (where he received his Bachelors) and then in Las Vegas at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas (where he received his MFA). But somewhere in there Memphis tripped him right onto the steps of Playhouse on the Square in the mid-late 80s where he worked as a Resident Company Member. And as deeply planted roots do, he found Memphis had wrapped a hug around his heart. So he came back – and we’re thrilled! Curtis C might be a performer by trade, but his face is an open book that wears a fabulous smile and makes people want to know more. And last I checked, he wasn’t shy. He’s a man that can tell you he went to the grocery store and you’ll pick up the popcorn just to listen to that story unfold. When I asked Curtis what it was about Memphis that brought him back, he said this, “What I Love about Memphis is the people and the Love that they share with all and how they open wide to receive your Love. How it’s okay to be…You! The celebration of talent and creating greatness….and how it adds to my feelings of comfort and support and lets me know…this is home too!” We know how you feel, Curtis C. Thanks for sharing YOUR love and laugh with Memphis!



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Please keep an eye out for the top 10 photos from our Alleyway Series!  Thank you again for supporting us as we continue to Find Memphis.


All photos were taken by Carla McDonald.  These words were written by Courtney Oliver.  For suggestions on upcoming series, please email us here.