Alley Series – A Sneak Preview

We can’t take enough pictures and we know some amazingly interesting people!  So in order for us to gain a particular focus in our work, we are creating several 10-shot series of photographs that each have a particular theme, in which we can also showcase some of the wonderful people of Memphis.  This is the first of our series and it’s been incredibly gratifying so far.  We wanted to offer a sneak preview.

SERIES 1.  Alleyways.

Memphis has some incredible alleyways and we have thusfar shot 8 gorgeous actors for this 10-part series.

The first two feature these beautiful women.

A graduate of Geneseo with a BA in Musical Theatre, Julia Masotti is originally from New York but just spent the past year as an Associate Company Member of Playhouse on the Square.  She is a wonderful actress who appeared this season in Mary Poppins; One Man, Two Guvnors; Peter Pan; The Rocky Horror Show; The Seagull; Tribes; and Seminar.  Julia’s honesty, openness, and serenity comes out in everything she does and towards everyone with whom she interacts.  She’s humble, bright, and deeply down-to-earth.  We captured these photos throughout Escape Alley off of Marshall and Monroe.  Julia has since moved from Memphis to pursue her acting career, but she will always be at home here.

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Carly Crawford is also an actress, as well as one of the Assistant Directors of Playhouse on the Square’s Theatre Education program.  Originally from Memphis, Carly earned a BA in Drama and Literature from the University of North Carolina-Asheville and an MA in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art and Design.  As an actress in Memphis, Carly has appeared for two years as the title role in Peter Pan, as well as Pickles in The Great American Trailer Park Musical.  As an educator, Carly oversees the After School Acting Program, adult and youth education classes, and very recently received a grant to create Playhouse’s first-ever Queer Youth Theatre Program, Q&A.  Their inaugural production of Queerly Ever After was met with amazingly warm response and will prove itself to be a beacon of acceptance for the youth of our city.  Carly radiates confidence and whimsy in all of her styles, and like her character Peter, she too is “Youth and Joy and Freedom!”  These exceptionally bright photos were captured downtown in the alley beside the now-empty Pier Restaurant on the river.

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Please keep an eye out for more photos captured in alleyways off of Union, 4th Street, Central Avenue, Nettleton, and Marshall.  One selected photo from each of the shoots will make up the 10-part series – and that one selected shot has yet to be seen!


All photos were taken by Carla McDonald.  These words were written by Courtney Oliver.  For suggestions on upcoming series, please email us here.